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Rules & Regulations

  1. All students are required to observe discipline and decorum in their behavior, both inside and outside the campus, and not to indulge in any activity which will bring the college into disrepute.
  2. In addition, the following modes of behavior shall constitute gross indiscipline and be punishable as such:
  • Ragging in any form of fellow students or any other member of the college community
  • Verbal and/or physical abuse of any member of the college
  • Willful damage of property, including books, belonging to the college or fellow students
  • Possession and/or consumption and/or distribution of the drug and alcohol.
  • Smoking on college premises and/or college buses.
  • Disturbing the peace of the college and hostel by noisy and riotous behaviour.
  • Hacking into the college computers’ hardware and/or software
  • The above list is neither exhaustive nor exclusive and RIET reserves the right to consider other indecent and unacceptable acts as gross in discipline.
  1. All acts of gross indiscipline shall be reported to the Principal and the incident will be discussed by the Complaint and Redressal Committee constituted by the Managing Council, The Committee will enquire into the charges and recommend suitable action(s) if the charges are substantiated. The Managing Council will consider these recommendation(s) and authorize the Principal to take appropriate action. The student has the right to appeal to the Managing Council for redress. The decision of the Managing Council will be final.
  2. Any student found indulging in anti-national activities, contrary to the provisions of acts and laws enforced by the Government, will be liable to be expelled from the institute without notice.
  3. If any statement/information supplied by a student in connection with his/her admission is found to be false or incorrect, or information is knowingly withheld in any document or materials submitted to the Institute, the student’s admission will be cancelled and he/she will be expelled and all fees forfeited.
  4. A student once admitted to the Institute has to follow the dress code, as well as other instructions issued from time to time.
  5. If a student is found guilty of malpractice in an examination or of misconduct during his/her course of study, he/she will be punished as per the recommendations of the Discipline and Welfare Committee. The maximum penalty may be expulsion.
  6. Every student is issued with a photo identification card (ID) which must be retained and produced on demand, while he/she is registered with the Institute. Any student refusing to do so shall be subjected to disciplinary action.
  7. Any student who alters or intentionally damage an ID card, or who uses the ID card of another student, or allows his/her ID card to be used by another may be subjected to disciplinary action.
  8. Mobile phones are banned on college premises and on college bus.
  9. The ID card remains the property of the Institute and students are required to surrender their ID cards on leaving the Institute after completion of the course or on leaving the Institute for any other reason.
  10. All assignments should be regularly completed and submitted as decided by the teacher
  11. Every student is expected to take an active part in co-curricular activities like games, sports, literary associations, educational tour, paper presentation etc.
  12. All are expected to speak English in the college campus, in the college bus and in hostels.
  13. All students should conduct themselves with due regard to the good name and reputation of RIET.

Application for leave

  1. A student requiring leave for only an hour or a portion of an hour must apply to the lecture concerned before the period begins.
  2. A student requiring leave for a whole day must apply in writing to the Principal via the Staff Advisor.
  3. Application for leave of absence must be made on the form shown below and be given to the Staff Advisor by 9.00 am, at the latest, on the day of leave.
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